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Treatment Planning Services

Where patients come first

Every patient comes into our office with a unique set of physical and emotional conditions.  Our practice allows us to individualize a treatment plan to give you the best chance to have a successful relationship with your oral health and your smile.


We begin by finding out what your concerns are-what you like or don't like about how things are now. We might also talk about experiences that have kept your from achieving your goals in the past. Together we look at your smile, your teeth, and the gum and bone structure that support those teeth.  I believe that the more you know about the conditions that exist in your mouth and why, the more able you are to make informed decisions about your treatment.  My experience is that the  more involved you are, the more successful our relationship and your treatment will be.

Once we know where we are starting and where you want to end up, we can explore the options you have to get there.  If things are routine, this is usually part of our initial visit.  For those with more complex problems, the planning process might involve additional time or possibly consultations with specialists.

Once we have decided what you want to do, we can figure out the best way to fit the treatment into your schedule, your budget, and your insurance considerations.

Whatever your desires or needs, the time spent planning is rewarded many times by making sure that you know what to expect at every appointment and that you get exactly what you want for a final result.

As always, we welcome your questions and involvement at every phase of your planning and your treatment,. 


We can't wait to meet you