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Cosmetic Bonding


Bonded composite can be used for single or multiple tooth cosmetic restorations.   Restorations are completed in one visit, and properly done, can blend perfectly with your natural teeth.

Although not as strong as porcelain restorations, they are easier to repair, involve less tooth removal, and can be altered more easily. This can allow us to "mock up" changes to a smile so you can see what the changes will look and feel like before doing porcelain, or can be used as a final restoration.  Below are some examples of smile changes using bonded composite.  When discussing your treatment,  we will talk about the different options so that you can make the best decision for your smile.

Tessa's Worn teeth

The four front teeth were rebuilt with composite and we made her a nightguard to prevent more wear.

Zue's broken smile…

Bonding on 4 front teeth with bleaching of natural teeth.

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